At Ecosistema Design, we help build capacities in leaders and organizations to better serve communities of color and historically excluded professionals by weaving inclusion and belonging into the workplace. Rather than offering conventional diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings and stand-alone workshops, we work with you to develop custom solutions to address your organization’s unique needs. We help you determine where you are in your inclusion and equity journey and create a strategy and implementation plan to move you forward. 

We strongly believe that change needs to happen at the individual, the team, and at the organizational level. Our services focus on practices that build awareness AND help develop inclusive behaviors. We provide tools for your team to address structural racism and inequities to enact sustainable and long-lasting change and the support that you and your team will need to handle all the thoughts that will arise as part of your transformation.

Discover what's possible and get the tools you need to achieve your equity and inclusion goals. 

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Hi there, I’m Dr. Violeta Garcia.

Early in my career as a scientist, I began to see a pattern that took me 20 years to break. I spent years experiencing unconscious, subconscious, and latent biases within academic and professional spaces I was a part of. After years of going from one job to the next in search of an inclusive workspace where I felt like I belonged, I decided to leave my 9 to 5 and focus my energy on helping organizations design systems and spaces that help women and historically excluded professionals, like myself, thrive in the modern workplace. 

I would love to work with you if you’re ready to embark on a unique journey to make your organization more inclusive.

Save money on retention. 

Invest in your team. 

Build the system you need so people can thrive. 

Does this sound familiar?

Let us help you re-imagine what’s possible!