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Read below for a description of each of our services. And feel free to reach out for a more customized service experience; we'd love to hear your ideas!  

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Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Goal: To assess your ecosystem as a leader and determine priorities to create self-awareness and develop the best leader you can be for your organization. 
  • Approach: Dr. Garcia will work with you on a weekly basis to explore your strengths, your “flow” experiences, and your approach to failure to help you become a better leader. This is a customized way to honor your individuality while exploring how you are part of an organizational system and a community system. This type of leadership coaching is not therapy. 

Organizational Strategic Planning

  • Goal: To develop a systematic process for your organization to understand your internal and external ecosystems and how to approach working with the communities you seek to serve.
  • Approach: Our whole systems level design starts by exploring organizational culture and values as well as determining criteria for initiatives based on mission alignment and developing ways to measure outcomes for continuous improvement. The depth of each process will vary based on the commitment your organization is willing to make. A Two-Day Retreat will cover the basics compared to a three-month, six-month, or nine-month approach, which will be more thorough based on organizational interests and needs. Methodology can include staff and board interviews, site observations, programs/initiatives assessment, cultural assessments, community feedback surveys and focus groups, and taking a hard look at what’s happening inside and outside the organization that may impact future performance. 

Board Development

  • Goal: To ensure that your board of directors understand their very important role and responsibilities. Investing in governance training will help your organization create informed board members who are equipped to be ambassadors for your organization. We take good boards and make them great! 
  • Approach: We’ll assess your current board ecosystem and determine growth and development priorities including what to look for in new board recruits. We will foster the ability for your board of directors to use their unique skills and talents as well as to learn from each other. In depth, ongoing relationships will include a deep dive into the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, exploring role differentiation between Board Chair/President and Executive Director/CEO, and coaching board members to become ambassadors for the organization. 

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