Systems Audit

We offer a systems audit to better understand the status of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at your company. Our audit uses 10 measurable attributes and provides ranked recommendations for how your company can move forward using Ecosistema’s proprietary tool. You’ll walk away with written recommendations to guide future phases of your work. 

Strategic Planning & Implementation Support

We help build a strategy to get you to where you want to be in your inclusion and equity efforts and help you implement it. We focus on one recommendation per 12-week cycle and build out a collective process to deliver on that recommendation and define what success looks like. Each cycle continues to ensure that you are measuring what you value through a solid evaluation plan. This process also includes workshops, training sessions, support sessions, and coaching meetings. Click here to learn more about how we approach coaching and why it’s an essential part of our process.

Nonprofit Services

We offer a variety of services for nonprofit organizations.

Facilitation & Workshops

Collective Retreats

Leadership Development for Staff and Board of Directors

Keynote with Our Founder

Dr. Violeta Garcia, founder of Ecosistema Design, is a sought-after expert with over 20 years of educational, adult training, and facilitation expertise. Her life experiences as an immigrant, a non-native English speaker, a scientist, and a woman of color have shaped her worldview. As a bicultural leader, she engages audiences in thinking about how they can break stereotypes that keep them marginalized and assumptions about who they “should be." She encourages people to focus on their potential to write a holistic story about their communities; a story of perseverance, drive, and opportunity; a story about what’s possible in their lives.